About Us

“Our mission is to empower offices and office professionals”

We are office and facilities management specialists and we believe that efficient offices with a motivated workforce are the key driving forces of any organisation, large or small.

That’s why our mission is to support and ultimately empower both, offices and office professionals across all aspects of office operations, from day to day facilities management and housekeeping to health, safety and wellbeing, business continuity consulting and planning as well as moving offices, or refurbishing and adapting existing premises.

We do this in two ways

Black & White Office Consultancy – individual client-based consultancy services

Deeply rooted in Hana Gray, our Founder’s personal ethics, passion for excellence and notoriously high standards, Black & White is our specialist boutique consultancy providing personalised and all-encompassing advice, training and project management for all things office operations. Our main clients are small and medium sized offices around London and the South-East; however, we also work with organisations UK-wide and even internationally.

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The Office Management Group – group-based training and services

Out of the demand for our consultancy services, the idea for The Office Management Portal was born and quickly grew into The Office Management Group; a unique system of virtual and physical office management resources for office professionals to develop and progress as well as recognise and celebrate their profession, and to be part of a growing collective of like-minded office professionals, even worldwide.

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Our vision

Whether we work on improving and expanding the resources for our growing hub of ambitious and like-minded office professionals, or we step into our one-to-one ‘black & white’ consultancy shoes, our vision is to get offices the recognition as ‘key driving forces of business success’ that they truly deserve, and beyond that to elevate and celebrate the office management profession as a whole.

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