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Develop Your Career With Microlearning

15/10/20|0 Comments

Whether you’ve just landed your first office manager job, or this is the fourth organization you’ve been with, there’s always room to grow and learn new skills. If you’re considering your next steps, then you [...]

Guest Blog: Tips For Entering Awards

08/10/20|0 Comments

Several years ago I wrote a blog post for wearethcity.com entitled “Our girls”.  A quirky (dare I say “clucking good”?!) read on my belief that we should take stock of the things we do and [...]

Guest Blog: Learning & Development for the Administrative Professional – The Facts, The Dilemmas and The Solutions

09/07/20|0 Comments

The Facts According to The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) one of the longest-standing professional bodies for business and administrative managers in the UK, “the value of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in today's work environment [...]

Is it possible to manage an office effectively from home?

17/06/20|0 Comments

“As an office manager, can you effectively manage an office from home?” This is the very question I recently asked in a small poll I conducted on Instagram. 43% said YES and 57% said NO. [...]

Guest Blog: An Office Manager’s Insight into Training and Mentoring

28/04/20|0 Comments

If you think back to the time you made a leap out of your comfort zone, started interviewing for a new job, landed your dream role and then finally your first day was upon you… [...]

Guest Blog: 5 Ways Office Managers can Support ISO Certification

28/04/20|0 Comments

ISO Certifications provide a valuable and well recognised accolade, and many organisations require them to meet a customer requirement or to just generally improve and protect their business.  ISO Management Systems can be integrated into [...]

Guest Blog: Climbing the ladder vs. pursuing a lattice career: Which one is right for you?

20/11/19|0 Comments

As careers are constantly changing, people are ditching the traditional corporate ladder for a lattice career path. But is this the best option for you? To help you decide, Chris Stappard, Managing Director at Edward [...]

Guest Blog: How Flexi-time can Transform Office Productivity

21/10/19|0 Comments

In the digital age, employees no longer need to be in the office for long hours to make a difference. Flexitime offers employees what they aspire for the most: a work-life balance that empowers them [...]

Guest Blog: An Interview with Lindsay from Your Excellency

04/09/19|0 Comments

We caught up with Director of Your Excellency Limited Lindsay Taylor to find out more about their accredited training & qualifications – in particular the IQ/IAM Level 4 Certificate in Office & Administration Management which [...]

  • office design

Guest blog: Health & Safety considerations when designing a new office

30/05/19|0 Comments

Health & safety considerations when designing a new office Designing a new office can be both exciting and energy draining at once. While health and safety might not be the most exciting aspect of the [...]

Guest Blog: How changing your sleeping habits could boost your productivity

28/05/19|0 Comments

The quality of your sleep can greatly affect your work ethic. Here, Phil Lawlor, Sleep Expert from Dormeo, tells us how changing our sleeping habits can improve our productivity at work. We all know a [...]

  • The Chicken and Egg office fit-out blog photo

The Chicken and Egg Office Fit-Out

23/04/19|0 Comments

I’ve been working on a mid-sized fit-out and office move for a client recently which inspired my next blog. The Chicken and Egg Office Fit-Out It happens pretty much every time I have carried out [...]

  • health & safety sign

Guest Blog: Be Positively Safe

23/04/19|0 Comments

Be positively safe By Guest blogger Liz O'Brien, Director of Terra Firma 360, Health & Safety Experts Quite often I sit at my computer and think I should post something about safety that’s going to [...]

  • office desk

Guest Blog: First time Office Manager – making your mark

28/03/19|0 Comments

First time Office Manager - making your mark By Holly Snowden-Keane Take a moment with me to regress back to 2013- ‘Blurred Lines’ was playing on repeat, Theresa May was blissfully unaware of her turbulent future, and [...]

  • Office management - smile - team

What skills does an Office Manager need?

12/03/19|0 Comments

With extensive office management experience over the years, I have hired and managed multiple office support staff and I'm now training office managers as part of the Black & White Office Consultancy offering. So, you [...]

Why Do a Risk Assessment and How Do I Start?

27/02/19|0 Comments

Why do a risk assessment? A number of us Office Managers will likely have heard of a risk assessment before now; but do we know exactly what it is, why we need to do it [...]

  • earth-world-international business

Guest blog: Would Opening International Offices Benefit Your Recruitment Of Talent?

19/12/18|0 Comments

For a business, the decision to open an international office can never be taken lightly. It’s still the opinion of many business owners that expansion is necessary for growth. In fact, a 2016 survey by [...]

Guest Blog: Get Data Protection Right

12/10/18|0 Comments

OK, that’s not what it stands for, but the General Data Protection Regulations are here to stay, and it’s imperative that we get it right. It seemed to be on everyone’s lips in the run [...]

How to Make the Most of The Office Management Portal

21/09/18|0 Comments

We recently changed the way in which The Office Management Portal (the OMP) works and how we provide access to our Members - the great news is that it is now free* for anyone to [...]

Guest Blog: Security In The Workplace

14/09/18|0 Comments

One of the most important factors I come across as an Office Manager, that quite often gets overlooked is SECURITY! When running a business one of the key requirements is to ensure it is secure. [...]

The Magic Move

25/08/18|0 Comments

It’s always something I personally find quite humorous when carrying out office moves or even an internal shuffle; that the business people comment on the Monday and say “it’s like magic, I leave Friday night [...]

How Green is Your Office?

22/08/18|0 Comments

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my own impact on the planet both at home and in the business I run, as well as clients and their offices that I support. And just how [...]

Fool Proof Office Fit-Outs

13/08/18|0 Comments

It's that moment most Office Managers dread; learning that you have to organise and manage a re-fit of your existing office. Or maybe it’s an office relocation coupled with the inevitable need of managing or [...]

Guest Blog: Essentials That Need To Be Included In Your Employee Handbook

26/07/18|0 Comments

In order to build a good working relationship that creates success for your business, employees and employers should be able to trust each other. One handy way this can be made possible is through an [...]

Is The Indoor Air Quality In Your Workplace Affecting Your Health?

27/06/18|0 Comments

In a standard 9-5 weekday working job, you spend roughly 35 hours a week in your working environment. That’s a rather long time when you think about it! We spend the majority of our time [...]

Three Simple Ways To Make Your Office More Efficient

26/06/18|0 Comments

There are many different ways in which an office manager's skills can have an impact on how efficiently an office runs. But how can you ensure things are streamlined with very little input from you? [...]

Guest Blog: Workplace Wellbeing

29/05/18|0 Comments

In Great Britain, 28 million working days are lost through work-related ill health, of which stress and related mental health issues account for at least half (according to stats released by the Health and Safety Executive, HSE).  The [...]

  • Global Office Manager

The Global Office Manager

04/05/18|0 Comments

The Global Office Manager  We all generally know that office and facilities management roles vary an awful lot, and that within these roles there are tonnes of responsibilities and remits you are often in charge [...]

Guest Blog: Career Progression at an SME

17/04/18|0 Comments

An SME is defined as a company with fewer than 250 employees, and turnover typically less than £50m. An awful lot of businesses fall into this category, but around two-thirds of my career to date [...]

Guest Blog: Events – How to Keep Your No-Shows Down

23/03/18|0 Comments

One of the questions I frequently get asked is how you prevent guests from not turning up to your event, or 'no-shows' as we call them in the industry. If you've ever planned an event, no matter how [...]

What I’ve Learnt About Business

18/03/18|0 Comments

This is a bit of a different blog to my others, which are mostly about office management and the highs, lows and Hail Mary’s that come up along the way. This blog is specifically about [...]

The Staff Soap Survey And What it Taught Me About Engaging Your Employees

23/02/18|0 Comments

I’ve briefly mentioned in a previous blog about a “soap survey” – yes you read that right! A survey about soap scents (or would you call it flavours, I’m never sure…) anyway, it was one [...]

Perfectionism and the Office Manager

15/02/18|0 Comments

When I meet with office managers (or variations of the role such as facilities managers, office administrators etc.) there’s an all too common sense of perfection that comes through, and a pressure to make things [...]

  • Through the eyes of an Office Manager

Through the eyes of an office manager

26/01/18|0 Comments

I often think about how an office manager differs from the other employees and in particular, what makes them good at what they do. To me, being in office management takes a certain type of [...]

  • Procurement process

Six simple steps to consider in your procurement process

15/01/18|0 Comments

When it comes to your procurement process - procuring goods, services and outsourced support it’s really, really important to benchmark the vendors and their products (if applicable). Reviewing the costs or pricing within your procurement [...]

  • journey to the portal

My Journey to The Portal

20/11/17|0 Comments

Last week, The Office Management Portal (finally) went LIVE! And I wanted to share a blog about my journey in getting the initial idea off the ground and turning that into a platform that is [...]

Christmas in the Office

15/11/17|0 Comments

I’ve found Christmas is always a funny time of year in the office for a few reasons. One, because it flies by so fast and before you know it the Christmas tree you paid some [...]

  • evacuation drills

Evacuation Drills – does anyone actually take them seriously?

09/10/17|1 Comment

During my time as an Office Manager, I’ve seen (oddly) many types of evacuation drills and scenarios from fires or false alarms which are pretty typical to flooding (from a ceiling!). It’s probably pretty obvious [...]

  • Jack of all trades master of some

Jack of all… master of SOME!

19/09/17|2 Comments

As an Office Manager (or in a similar or mixed role) you’ll be aware that there are many areas of responsibility, and I’ve talked about it a few times now in previous blogs. I like [...]

  • isolated office manager

The isolated Office Manager

24/08/17|0 Comments

One of the things I wanted to write about when I started blogging was isolation, which is felt by a number of people in office management-type roles. It's something I've personally had experience of in [...]

  • first impressions new joiner process

The new joiner process – making first impressions count

21/08/17|0 Comments

Ever wonder what you'd think if you were invited to join a friend at their place for dinner, the date and time are set and you turn up promptly, on the day to find they've [...]

  • Office Management Mistakes

9 Common Office Management Mistakes

15/03/17|0 Comments

If you’re in charge of a successful business, it’s likely you’ll be focused on the work you do, rather than keeping a strict eye on your day-to-day office operations or slight office management mistakes. But [...]

Desk Assessments – make your workspace work for you!

15/03/17|0 Comments

The demanding world of work often requires a lot of time sat at a desk, hunched over a computer day in, day out (not to mention all that catching up with last-minute project work at [...]

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