Guest blog: Would Opening International Offices Benefit Your Recruitment Of Talent?

For a business, the decision to open an international office can never be taken lightly. It’s still the opinion of many business owners that expansion is necessary for growth. In fact, a 2016 survey by Wells Fargo found that 87% of US firms believe that international expansion is fundamental for long-term growth. As with any [...]

Guest Blog: Security In The Workplace

One of the most important factors I come across as an Office Manager, that quite often gets overlooked is SECURITY! When running a business one of the key requirements is to ensure it is secure. If you have not taken the right steps in keeping intruders out, you may be leaving your business open to [...]

How Green is Your Office?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my own impact on the planet both at home and in the business I run, as well as clients and their offices that I support. And just how much more information we have to hand these days compared to when the first whispering of “green” companies and how [...]

Guest Blog: Essentials That Need To Be Included In Your Employee Handbook

In order to build a good working relationship that creates success for your business, employees and employers should be able to trust each other. One handy way this can be made possible is through an employee handbook. By providing an employee handbook you’re able to communicate what you expect of your staff and vice-versa. It [...]

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