Develop Your Career With Microlearning

Whether you’ve just landed your first office manager job, or this is the fourth organization you’ve been with, there’s always room to grow and learn new skills. If you’re considering your next steps, then you may be looking into certifications, attending a conference, or even going back to school. All of these are great opportunities [...]

Is it possible to manage an office effectively from home?

“As an office manager, can you effectively manage an office from home?” This is the very question I recently asked in a small poll I conducted on Instagram. 43% said YES and 57% said NO. The results moved a lot in the 24-hour period it was up for, and a number of people voting said [...]

Guest Blog: An Office Manager’s Insight into Training and Mentoring

If you think back to the time you made a leap out of your comfort zone, started interviewing for a new job, landed your dream role and then finally your first day was upon you… On that first day it was a mixture of emotions, I bet. ‘This will be a fresh start’, ‘I am [...]

Guest Blog: 5 Ways Office Managers can Support ISO Certification

ISO Certifications provide a valuable and well recognised accolade, and many organisations require them to meet a customer requirement or to just generally improve and protect their business.  ISO Management Systems can be integrated into your normal business processes and Establishing your ISO Team will be the first step to success. The varied and diverse [...]

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