Why Do a Risk Assessment and How Do I Start?

Why do a risk assessment? A number of us Office Managers will likely have heard of a risk assessment before now; but do we know exactly what it is, why we need to do it and what it should show us? Our blog has a look at the basics and how it may be a requirement [...]

Guest Blog: Get Data Protection Right

OK, that’s not what it stands for, but the General Data Protection Regulations are here to stay, and it’s imperative that we get it right. It seemed to be on everyone’s lips in the run up to the launch in May 2018, when it replaced existing Data Protection regulations. Six months later, and it’s old [...]

How to Make the Most of The Office Management Portal

We recently changed the way in which The Office Management Portal (the OMP) works and how we provide access to our Members - the great news is that it is now free* for anyone to access and use as they need to, on an unlimited basis. But how should our Members make the most of [...]

Fool Proof Office Fit-Outs

It's that moment most Office Managers dread; learning that you have to organise and manage a re-fit of your existing office. Or maybe it’s an office relocation coupled with the inevitable need of managing or overseeing the refurbishment of the new premises and being actively engaged with this. To help you plan for such a [...]