Whether you’ve just landed your first office manager job, or this is the fourth organization you’ve been with, there’s always room to grow and learn new skills. If you’re considering your next steps, then you may be looking into certifications, attending a conference, or even going back to school. All of these are great opportunities to grow, but you don’t have to take time off or invest thousands to learn new skills.

Microlearning is a growing trend in professional development that focuses on short, highly-specific lessons. The idea is that shorter lessons allow you to retain more knowledge. Additionally, you can focus on filling the gaps in your knowledge instead of working through a beginner’s course packed with information you may already have.

The best part is, these bite-sized lessons can be taken with you on the go and can easily fit into a busy schedule. As you study, learn what formats work best for you! Some people may be great at listening to expert interviews during the commute, while others want interactive learning at lunch. From podcasts to career blogs, there’s something for everyone.

Check out these key benefits to microlearning, as well as apps and site recommendations to get your training started below:



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