We caught up with Director of Your Excellency Limited Lindsay Taylor to find out more about their accredited training & qualifications – in particular the IQ/IAM Level 4 Certificate in Office & Administration Management which is suited to EAs and Office Managers.   

  1. What are the benefits of attending accredited training and qualifications with you?The benefits are numerous – and can be considered in terms of positive impact to you personally, to your Executive/Manager and to your organisation.  We recently issued an article on LinkedIn that details the Top 20 Benefits which you can read; Benefit No 20 sums up the positives very nicely I think:

    Studying towards a professional, accredited qualification can open the door to increased responsibilities and role scope. It increases your promotion prospects and earning potential and can gain you the respect of your peers, Executive(s) and organisation. As a Your Excellency Graduate you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance which you can display with pride. Your Executive will be more fully supported as you implement the most up to date working practices and you’ll have a thorough appreciation of this valuable profession and how to remain the best you can be”. 

  2. What’s the best way to put forward a request for training to my Executive/Manager?The most influential proposals are tailored to your audience.   So, think about how your Manager likes to communicate – for example, do they like lots of information and detail or do they communicate in a more “bulleted” succinct way?

    Make sure you pick out the benefits that you know will excite and “fit” with your Manager too.  As an example, our training is accredited by The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) which is one of the oldest professional bodies for business and admin managers in the UK. When you’re studying with us you’ll become a student member of the Institute with access to all manner of membership benefits – then you’ll be invited to upgrade your membership at a preferential annual rate when you qualify.  If your Manager is of a member of a professional body they’re much more likely to appreciate the value of this and will be able to relate to you highlighting it as a benefit.

    Always consider any “negative” impacts to you attending training – imagine what barriers your Manager is likely to come back at you with when you put forward your request.    Most commonly their concern will be that you’re going to be out of the office for 2 days on the trot whilst training.   So have some solutions ready to counter this – for example ensuring the days you are out are “quieter” work days with no external visitors or events scheduled or that you’ve arranged cover.

    Research as much info as you can to prove you’ve “done your homework” where your request is concerned.

  3. So, what is the one key takeaway from the training you offer?We place an emphasis on sharing instantly-useable skills and ensuring our sessions are fun and friendly. One key takeaway is that you will arrive back into your office motivated and enthusiastic about the training you’ve received.  You will have identified where you can upgrade and improve your current working practices and you’ll be able to instantly set about doing just that.  We help you understand how to “create the difference that makes the difference”.
  4. How important is it that the administrative professional is offered training? Hugely important!

    We’re living and working in a fast paced and ever-changing society.  To ensure we are the most effective and efficient it’s important to keep up to date with the latest technology and best working practices.

    Human nature is such that it can be easy to relax into working practices that you’ve implemented for months (years even).  Your office is “ticking along nicely” and you feel comfortable and experienced in implementing processes and procedures that are “working just fine.”    There’s an apt saying that

    “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

    If you don’t change the way you do things and seek out new working practices to implement then how do you know you’re not missing out on a better and improved way of working?  Rather than your office “ticking along nicely”, you should be striving for office management excellence.   With our emphasis on instantly-useable skills we ensure you have time during the training to identify your current working practices and to consider how they can be improved and upgraded.

  5. How many days training do you need to attend to achieve the IQ/IAM Level 4 Certificate in Office & Administration Management? And how does it work?So, you need to attend 3 two-day consecutive days training.  These are face to face with either myself, my co-Director Malcolm Taylor or one of our Associate Trainers.  You choose the 3 courses you want to do from a list of 4, namely:

    The Role of the Executive Personal Assistant
    Commercial & Business Awareness for Senior Administration Staff
    Effective Office Management
    Management Skills for Senior Administration Staff

    The content of these can be found in our Menu of Learning here.

    We hold the training in London every 3-4 months. As an alternative, we can come to your offices and deliver in-house, either to your team or one-to-one.

    At the end of each training course you are required to submit a written assessment which is marked and internally verified.   With 3 “pass mark” assessments your work is then externally verified by Industry Qualifications (who are regulated by Ofqual) and you achieve the qualification.

    You don’t have to sign up for the full quals either – if you just want to do one of the courses that’s fine (and you wouldn’t have to do the written assessment then either).

How can I find out more? 

Contact Lindsay by email: lindsay@yourexcellency.co.uk or on tel: 07930 194147.  Let me know you’ve got my details through Black & White (thanks Hana for giving me this opportunity to chat!).

Read our Menu of Learning for more course information.  And I’m always happy to put you in touch with a Your Excellency Graduate if you want to get direct feedback from them too.