How We Work

“Customer satisfaction is at the centre of all our processes and service options”

The four core principles of our service proposition are derived from our understanding that at the heart of any successful business there are seamless internal operations and a happy, motivated workforce.

  • Tailored service – We really take time to get to know you and your business, so we can best understand you, your needs and how we can meet them. All our services are completely tailored around your requirements and our approach is extremely flexible.
  • All-encompassing knowledge – Our wealth of office management expertise is truly all-encompassing. Should we nevertheless lack a particular skill in-house, we can connect you with an extensive portfolio of reputable suppliers, contractors and ‘people-who-can’.
  • Empowering staff – A core focus of Black & White is to enable and empower existing office management and support staff to run your office more effectively, training and developing them through identified project or consultation work.
  • Customer satisfaction – From the moment you meet with us, our mission is to ensure that you are completely happy with our work and approach. We genuinely care about making your office work for you and your staff, and that you get a clear return on your investment in our services.

Service levels

Whether you are after light-touch advisory, more in-depth training or hands-on project management – or a staggered approach from fully hands-on reduced to advisory – you always remain in control throughout our work with you.

  • We will review, report & advise on your back-office operations and internal processes, including facilities management, project work (e.g. moves, fit-outs), health & safety management and audit, procurement and business continuity plans. We swiftly identify and act upon improvements.
  • We will coach, develop & support your existing staff, to ensure your operations and systems of work are efficient, streamlined and well-managed in every aspect of office management. This includes project-specific work.
  • We will project manage, recruit or assist so you’re never left without support. We cover specific roles, fill assignments and recruit talented staff, with completion of a full handover. We also source the most suitable and cost-effective suppliers to support your office.


  • First consultation – In our first in-depth consultation, we will aim to gain an accurate understanding of how your company operates in order to establish your current needs and requirements. We will cover specific topics to ensure all aspects of your office management are being considered.
  • Bespoke proposal – We will then devise a completely bespoke and detailed proposal, focusing on your requirements, objectives and/or any specific project work, with a view to implementing improvements whilst developing your staff and processes.
  • Engagement letter – Once agreed, we will confirm start dates and a timeframe to work to. We have standard terms and conditions and will produce an Engagement Letter for your review and signature ahead of any work commencing. We will also share copies of our certification and insurance on request.
  • Ongoing liaison – Which ever approach and service level we agree in our consultation, you can be assured that you’ll never be left without our expertise and support – we will maintain contact at a level suitable to you.

Annual support package

We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing and proposals, all of which are completely tailored to your needs.

To benefit from fully reliable, yet flexible support, our Annual Support Package is the most cost-effective. Particularly, if you have multiple projects to manage or diverse requirements to organise, such as Health & Safety reviews, document completion, moves and fit-out works.

  • Comprehensive cover – The package covers all aspects of Black & White’s consultancy services, including ad-hoc training or cover for office management staff.
  • Advance hours – Hours are bought in advance of the twelve months of service, meaning that you are able to assign the hours you purchase throughout the year, exactly as you choose.
  • Topping up – Hours can be conveniently topped-up, for the same rate purchased at the start of the contract.
  • Optional renewal – We never automatically renew client contracts, because we don’t believe in small print, nasty surprises or difficult-to-leave contracts. Simply, if you don’t need our services at the end of the term, there is no need to renew the contract!

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