Procurement Processes

Black & White have many years of experience in procuring various contracts, services and goods on behalf of financial, real estate and technology firms to ensure their offices are effectively run and maintained. Our belief is that it’s healthy to properly tender and benchmark all contracts no matter the size or service, to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality.

We therefore offer services to support your company through these processes, or to simply review existing procurement procedures, before recommending or implementing improved methods.

In addition, many firms don’t risk-assess their suppliers, let alone ask for things such as insurance documentation or method statements when it comes to manual labour or other critical work carried out on site.

We will work with you to tender for your project, services or products. We can be as involved as you require, from drafting the tender document and objectives for your review and approval and introducing recommended partner suppliers, to actively hosting or attending tender-related meetings.

Black & White can also carry out benchmarking exercises and review your existing supply base, to ensure that you are receiving the best possible service and supply at the right market cost. We will:

  • Carry out contract and procurement reviews looking at your end to end processes.
  • Implement compliance and risk checks in relation to new suppliers or contractors.
  • Introduce and refer recommended partner providers, so you can effectively tender your products and services, or work with your existing PSL (preferred supplier list) to review services and re-negotiate as required following a market benchmarking exercise.
  • For tendering and benchmarking exercises, we work on a no-fee basis unless a saving is made. Please contact us to discuss your requirement further and following an initial free consultation we can confirm the most suitable approach.









Our mobile phone contract with our longstanding telecoms company had ended and we were looking to secure a new deal. This area is a minefield for a small company as no two offers are the same, so it was a huge help to us that Hana put together a like-for-like analysis of a dozen deals from which we were able to select a provider who clearly offered the best financial package and the service back-up that we need. With Hana’s assistance, we saved time and money and because she was so thorough in her approach, we are confident we’ve got the best deal for us.
Giles Godbold, Partner,, BBG Real Estate (London)
We approached Black & White to look at our mobile contract as we had various tariffs and wanted to ensure we were being as economical as possible. Due to tie ins with the current contract, we couldn’t move over all numbers to the competitive tariffs Hana had presented. However, she’d looked at the options available to us and made it clear as to what the best route was to achieve a small but still significant saving by negotiating with the current provider. As a not-for-profit firm, it was key for us to have this saving and now we are in the knowledge that there are more to come when the contracts expire later this year!
Karen Lynch, CEO, Belu Water