Our Story

“Our story from solo consultancy to serving office professionals worldwide”

From starting up as a solopreneur to quickly growing into a go-to boutique office consultancy in and around London and all over the South-East of the UK, and to becoming a recognised and popular resource serving a worldwide community of office professionals, we think it’s fair to say that ours is one of those ‘how one person turned their passion into an amazing business success’ stories.

That person is Hana Gray, and if it wasn’t for her extensive experience, knowledge and network of contacts; her impeccable mannerism and notoriously high standards; and passion, drive and courage to pursue her dreams, Black & White may have well ended up as an average freelance career, and more or less typical day-to-day job. In reality, Black & White Office Consultancy has become much more than a business. It’s Hana’s passion turned into real purpose and ultimately her legacy as she really wants to make a difference to how offices are run and how office professionals – the amazing, multi-tasking, jacks of all (master of some) trades as she likes to call them – get trained, supported and recognised.

More about Hana

Hana is a specialist office and facilities management consultant with over 15 years’ experience, having worked for many corporate and FTSE 100 companies including JP Morgan, RBS and City Index & Berenberg. As the Office/Facilities and Operations Manager, she has managed teams in excess of 20 staff and worked in business critical areas and across all aspects of the office such as Health & Safety, Procurement, Reception, Business Continuity, Facilities, IT, Events and more.

A variety of experiences that have all shown her not only the ‘black and white’ but also the ‘gray’ areas of continuous business improvement, as she likes to put it.

Black & White was founded in 2016

Driven by her passion for all things office management and processes and her belief that offices and office professionals are the key driving forces in any business, and having recognised the overwhelming need for her expertise to support offices, transform office operations and upskill, train and coach office professionals, Hana first set out to start her own specialist office management consultancy in 2016.

Her wealth of knowledge, professionalism, unwavering customer-focus and undeniable dedication quickly developed Black & White Office Consultancy into a go-to practice for office and facilities professionals in the London and Essex areas, and all over the UK.

The Office Management Portal followed in 2017

Soon into her consultancy journey, many of Hana’s clients seemed keen to benefit from her resources and expertise but didn’t always need her hands-on consultancy work. This is when the first seeds for an online portal were planted. Hana conducted research to confirm what she already suspected to be true: that there would be a real thirst for an office management-specific support platform and system for office professionals.

Fast forward only 2.5 years and nearly 1000 professionals from around the world have joined The Office Management Portal  for it has well and truly grown into a unique, specialist resource and platform for office and administrative professionals to learn, train, network and connect, both online and offline.

Join The Portal

In 2020 The Office Management Group was born

With ever-growing numbers of Members, supporters and social media followers continuously demonstrating the demand for the resources and support, Hana’s innovation and desire for more (even during her maternity leave!) clearly got sparked and The Office Management Group was born.

The new group is envisaged as an all-encompassing and unique system of virtual and physical office management resources to help office and admin professionals, in the UK and all over the world, not just learn, develop and progress their careers; network, share and support; but also to celebrate, elevate and get recognition for their profession and become part of an ever-growing collective of like-minded office professionals.

Business Woman of the Year in SME National Business Awards 2020

In July 2020, the SME National Business Awards announced Hana as a finalist for Business Woman of the Year.  The winner will be announced in December.