Entry Top Tips

These may be the first awards you’ve ever entered, or you may be an awards pro. Whichever it is, we want to share our top tips on ensuring your entry is as successful as possible:

Give yourself enough time to enter – the deadline tends to creep up fast

You can save your entry and come back to it as many times as you need to before submitting. Take time to proofread and ask for a second pair of eyes if you can

Be concise but also detailed

Include your personality! We want to see the real you come through in your entry

Read out your submission before hitting that send button

Read the brief for each entry and ensure you’re hitting the mark where the conditions and objectives are concerned

Back it up with evidence, whatever you can share, share it with us

Give examples where possible, tell us the story – we want to see what drives you, makes you love this role and why you should win

If you’re entering a service provider category, share with us your client success stores. We want to know why you are the best at what you do, again as much evidence as possible is good

Judges Top Tips

“When entering these awards, it’s really important to showcase the best of you and your talents. Doing so many jobs in this role can make you forget sometimes what your greatest achievements and key moments are; take your time. Make notes offline when you remember, even the smallest of things and put them all together to build a realistic success story of your career in office management and ultimately, why you should win the award.”

Hana Gray, Founder of The Office Management Group

“It goes without saying that your submission should be professional (good standard of English, well presented, reflective of the seniority and responsibilities of your role…..).  Don’t just limit yourself to a written application though as we’d be delighted to receive video applications that really showcase who you are and your reasons for nominating yourself.”

Lindsay Taylor, Founder of Your Excellency

“Show us your passion. I can’t wait to read why you love what you do by how you dedicate yourself to the role. Don’t just tell us what you do but why you love doing it and the value it brings to your organization. This is the time to toot your own horn! “

Lauren Bradley, Founder of The Officials

“Make sure you answer the question! Often there are a number of parts to a question, so ensure you answer all of them fully, don’t waffle and provide evidence where you can. “

Adrian Powell, Director at Active Workplace Solutions

“Read the criteria, answer the questions, explain with us what you did, how you did it and why. Be factual but also share your passion, drive and enthusiasm with us.

If you are in doubt about applying…………..you should apply!

Salima Shariff, Head of Talent Acquisition at Anglo American

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