Why Work With Us

“We genuinely love what we do”

Boosted efficiency and service levels, improved team morale and reduced staff turnover, time and money savings, and a strong foundation for sustainable growth and an improved bottom line. The reasons to invest in office procedures and personnel are obvious and plenty. Here, we want to give you some reasons to choose us to help you review, manage, develop and transform the internal operations in your organisation.

Multi-sector and all-encompassing expertise

Our ‘black and white’ office expertise is grounded in real, hands-on and hard-won experience across  an extensive range of business critical areas and multiple industry sectors as well as organisation types and sizes, including small and medium sized businesses, larger corporates and FTSE 100 companies alike.

Highest standards and genuine passion

A unique combination of this wealth of knowledge with highest quality standards, a professionalism that is second to none and a real love and genuine care for what we do, means that we are committed to delivering on our promises at each stage of each project, and at each step of each task. Guaranteed.

Centred around people and connection

No matter if we are managing one-to-one consultancy projects, developing our group-based office management products and services for our Members or working with specialist office management suppliers, at the heart of everything we do are people, and serving, supporting, empowering, connecting and partnering with them.

Confident to deliver return on investment

Smooth office operations cultivate a motivated workforce, which is the sort of result of our work that we love so much. Not least because we believe that efficient processes and happy people drive financial results and hence, we are confident to deliver return on investment for our clients every time. It’s win win win all the way!

Meet our founder Hana Gray and find out more about our journey from a local boutique consultancy to serving and supporting ambitious office professionals all over the world.